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The Easitag brand of Checkpoint compatible RF-EAS security labels and tags are regularly chosen by retailers with Checkpoint systems to tag their merchandise at store level and are also purchased by suppliers of products to the major retailers to source tag (most major retailers now require products or merchandise to be source tagged).

Checkpoint Label Alternatives

If you currently supply to retailers that have a checkpoint system installed in their stores, the Easitag range of EAS and RF labels will work seamlessly and are an ideal and more economical alternative for use with Checkpoint security gates.

Do Easitag labels bond as well as Checkpoint labels?

You might have read or heard that Checkpoint systems use an incredibly aggressive bonding agent for their EAS labels, thus making them almost impossible to remove.

Easitag EAS labels are also paper thin and use the same hot-melt bonding adhesive format.  If an attempt is made to remove Easitag labels in most circumstances the paper component of the label will come away, leaving the security label circuit in place.

I’ve heard that Checkpoint labels detect better than other brands, is this true?

The worldwide operating frequency for EAS theft prevention systems is 8.2 MHz.

Both Easitag and Checkpoint manufacture labels with this frequency for their EAS labels. The high manufacture, volume efficiency and quality standards of the Easitag Hi Q-Factor security labels ensures that our labels work just as well if not better than Checkpoint labels.

If this sounds incredibly technical and confusing and you would prefer to talk to one of our consultants about this, please feel free to call us on 1800 077 375.

Checkpoint Systems – Looking for an alternative EAS Security System?

If you have a Checkpoint security system in place at your retail outlet, store or warehouse and are in the process of looking into an EAS system upgrade, addition or replacement, it will be well worthwhile to check your needs with Easitag

Here’s a few reasons you should choose Easitag:-

  • Personal service
  • Experienced and dedicated team
  • Good reputation with large and small retail installations
  • Established for over 15 years
  • Can handle large bulk orders
  • Experts in NFC, EAS, RFID and Source Tagging

Call us today on 1800 077 375 to discuss your EAS Security equipment and system needs.

If you have a Checkpoint EAS or RF retail security system installed and are looking around for another supplier, we would love the opportunity to chat with you about your requirements.

We have a wide range of EAS tags, labels and detection gates available like the Aquila Wide Aisle EAS System, the Merkur 8.2 MHz EAS System and the Venus Orion EAS System.

Talk to Easitag today

If you currently have a Checkpoint installed and are looking for an alternative retail security system, talk to us on 1800 077 375 or visit our contact us page.

Other product ranges that may be of interest include live mobile device displays, mobile device mounting solutions and personal asset protection options.

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