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This gives customers a wide range of choice when it comes their selection of clothing, but it also gives any ‘wannabe’ thief more options when it comes to shop stealing.

Mini Round T004 – the all rounder of security tags
The Easitag Mini Round T004 Tag is a simple and easy-to-apply, reusable tag designed with a multitude of purposes in mind.

The versatile Mini Round can be used in conjunction with the PNE-500 pin for fitment onto clothing or hanging product. These pins have been specifically designed to eliminate potential damage to clothing and fabrics so you know your products will be safe and secure with little chance of damage from the security tags.

How to attach Easitag’s clothing security tags
Our security tags for clothing are incredibly easy to attach and detach. Adding these hard tags for clothing is a simple case of guiding the PNE-500 pin through the fabric of your garment and then clipping the round tag onto the pin. It takes roughly 5-10 seconds to attach and about the same amount of time to take off.

How to remove Easitag’s clothing security tags
The authorised removal of the Mini Round Tag is performed easily with the Super Detacher that can also be used for the removal of other hard format tags in the Easitag range.

Securely fitted onto the point of sale counter, this high-strength detacher is easy to use and constructed using brushed stainless steel and aluminium ensuring many years of
repeated operation.

How can I order clothing security tags?
Easy! You can place orders by calling us on 1800 077 375 or you can send an email enquiry via our contact us page.

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