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These systems are incredibly scalable and are considered one of the most successful ways to deal with stock loss and product shrinkage.

Why Retail Security Systems Work

Put simply, an EAS security system is a great visual reminder to would-be shoplifters that your store is not an easy target. This combined with the visual and audible alarm abilities of many systems gives a clear indication to shop-stealers that there is an increased risk associated with stealing from your outlet.

What type of Retail EAS Systems are there?

There’s a wide range of combinations when it comes to security systems for your store. There are many options including gates, labels, device mounting and other elements that you will need to take into account.

Let’s break down some of these elements so you can get a better understanding of what’s involved with implementing a retail security solution in your store.

Complete Retail Alarm System

This would incorporate gates, labels and possibly source tagging of your products. Let’s expand on each of these items.

Security Gates
These are the gates you will see at the entrance and exit of most retail outlets. We stock three amazing security gates. The Aquila Wide Aisle EAS System, the Merkur 8.2 MHz EAS System and the Venus Orion Wide Aisle EAS System. These three gates will suit a vast majority of retail outlets around Australia.

Security Labels
Security labels come in a wide range of sizes, types and colours – from stickers that can be applied to product packaging and cans, bottles and boxes, through to pin tags for clothing and buttons or hard tags for a wide range of other retail items. Security labels work in conjunction with security gates to ensure that if a product leaves the store without being ‘deactivated’ the alarm system will sound or signal.

Source Tagging
Source tagging is where you put labels onto or into your products during the manufacturing process. This solves a multitude of issues with staff adding labels to products like misplaced labels, staff time spent adding security stickers and incorrect labels being applied to products.

If you take all three of these aspects (Gates, Labels and Source Tagging) and put them together you have a great anti-theft security system for your retail outlet or store.

If you’re a business owner or retail outlet that wants to reduce shrinkage and product theft, call us today on 1800 077 375 to discuss your security requirements.


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