RFIDRadio frequency identification for inventory control & security

rfid inventory management

By implementing RFID inventory management and tracking solutions businesses can enjoy more accurate inventory tracking and management, time saving on data entry and data management along with reduction in time-consuming, labour intensive tasks.

Efficiency gains and faster supply chain data mean cost and time savings for your business

RFID inventory tracking solutions provide the ideal solution to overcome challenges faced by modern business when it comes to locating or tracking items in a warehouse, manufacturing or storage facility. Easily implemented and able to provide real-time inventory tracking, our RFID tracking labels can inventory at the item, crate, pallet or container level to provide accurate and timely inventory data instantly.

Benefits of using an RFID tag inventory system

  • Complete asset visibility 24/7
  • Full inventory history available
  • Considerable improvement in sorting / picking rate
  • Reduced errors
  • Improved security
  • Reduction in operation costs

Install an RFID Inventory Management System today

Talk to Easitag today about the full range of RFID requirements. We can provide labels only or have other companies we partner with to provide full RFID management solutions including labels, readers and software.

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