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Encode NFC Labels in Bulk

If you’ve ever had to encode a lot of NFC labels, you will know that it can be a timely process. Sure there’s NFC encoding software (Like the NFC Easiwayv Tools app) but typically this encoding format will only allow you to program one NFC chip, sticker or tag at a time.

Here at Easitag we have worked long and hard to develop, test and build a bulk, high-speed NFC encoder so customers all over Australia can order NFC labels in bulk, and have them encoded with their requirements.

Why you should bulk encode your NFC tags with Easitag

Easitag can provide full bureau service when it comes to ordering, encoding and delivering your NFC labels and stickers. We can easily manage small or bulk orders of labels, encode them and have them delivered to your workplace, office or factory (international orders also welcome).

Warwick Debney, The Managing Director of Easitag explains the process they went through to develop create the high-speed bulk NFC encoder:-

“We wanted to provide a service to our customers where they could buy their labels from us, but also get them encoded. We work with some pretty large customers ordering thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of labels at a time, so being able to encode these quickly and efficiently was a must.”

The process from idea to fruition came quickly for us.

“We got the help of a very smart young man Henry Chladil, with a mind for engineering and development (he’s also helped us with our latest NFC encoding app) who took on the challange to develop the initial concepts and put together a design. We then used a series of components with the help of 3D printing and assembled a highly customised and reliable high speed bulk NFC encoder.”

Drawing from a base of colleagues that were studying undergraduate engineering and software design at UQ, Henry was able to utilise 3D printing services (run by UQ) to refine design, and elaborate on successful prototypes for a Bulk NFC Encoding Machine (also known as a Near Field Communication High Speed Encoder).

Henry and Easitag worked together to create a rough prototype using the latest engineering techniques and the NFC Easiwayv Tools app. This evolved into an improved “first prototype” with custom built elements and internal systems that enabled interlocking mechanisms to work in unison. The Flask Framework[1] for the popular Python programming language enables the easy-to-use interface to be accessed like any other internal (intranet) web page. Users can view diagnostics/statistics, create jobs, view their progress all in a familiar manner to existing tools like printer control panels.

The machine is powered by a Raspberry Pi (as seen in the popular TV series Mr Robot) – a tiny computer the size of a credit card which runs the code responsible for powering the motors, tensioners, the interface and ensuring all these components work seamlessly together.

From there, the final product was developed: using CAD software a stainless steel box was fabricated and 3D Printed parts were produced for nearly all internal and external components. It was then tested extensively by Easitag and signed off for commercial use.

The result is an elegant solution that 5-7 years ago would have been impossible to make with such speed and accuracy.

How many NFC Labels can you order?

If you’re ordering up to 200 labels you can easily purchase NFC labels through our NFC Store – if you’re after more than this amount we can accommodate special pricing for your NFC labels.

How can you order NFC labels with Easitag?

Easy! Simply call us on 1800 077 375, visit our office located at 34 Thompson Street, Bowen Hills, QLD 4006 Australia (map) or order online through our NFC Store

How many NFC labels can you encode at once?

Part of the process of encoding NFC labels isn’t that we do them ‘all at the same time’. Our high-speed NFC encoder runs strips of labels past an encoder to program the NFC labels one at a time but at high speed (think of a movie camera displaying individual frames through a spool of film). This allows us to encode as many labels as you need – be it ten or ten thousand!

If you’re ready to bulk order and encode your NFC labels, give one of our representatives a call on 1800 077 375 today.

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