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It’s all well and good giving them a card, sticker, brochure, email or social media reminder to download your app – but in the real world, work gets in the way, kids need picking up from school, the dog needs to be fed and many other distractions get in the way of people remembering to download your app.

What if there was a way to get customers to easily download your app in-store by just tapping their phone against a promotional poster? If it sounds too good to be true, get ready to be pleasantly surprised!

Increase your app downloads with NFC and Smart Posters

The idea is simple yet extremely effective. If you’re wondering how to effectively promote your app installs, you can create a piece of advertising (can be any size from business card to A3 or larger) and have an NFC label attached to it that points directly to your app store link and there you have it – customers can simply tap their phone and download your app directly in store within seconds!

Here’s a step by step guide on how to promote your app using NFC

  • Call us on 1800 077 375 to talk about how we can implement NFC into your campaign.
  • Think about the benefit to customers for downloading your app – this could be easier access to your products, up to date news or offers and competitions.
  • Create a value proposition for your customers and work with a graphic designer to develop your advertising material.
  • Integrate NFC tags into your advertising material.
  • Train staff on promoting the app downloads with just a tap – this can involve showing them how to use the poster and informing customers how to turn on NFC with their phones.
  • Watch your app download numbers grow!

How Ashdown-Ingram used Easitag NFC tags to help grow their app downloads

Ashdown-Ingram is Australia and New Zealand’s largest distributor of automotive electrical and thermal control parts to the independent automotive aftermarket. Ashdown-Ingram were wanting to promote their Quantum Pro app which is a dynamic online catalogue that makes it easy for automotive electrical and air conditioning specialists search and purchase the right products for their next job.

By integrating NFC tags into ‘Smart Posters’ Ashdown-Ingram were able to promote their app through the Google Play Store easily and across a wide range of stores and offices.

Users simply had to tap their NFC enabled phone to the poster and they would be automatically redirected to their app on the Google Play Store where they simply had to tap the download button and the app would start installing.

Here’s what Will Kallis, Ecommerce Manager for Ashdown-Ingram had to say about the campaign.

“After talking with Easitag we were convinced that using NFC tags would help us to easily promote our app. We opted for an A4 vinyl sticker with 2 NFC stickers placed under the top and middle of a mobile phone image.

We then placed these posters on our bench tops across 55 branches in Australia and NZ and it proved to be a great talking point when a customer would put their phone on the advertising and it would automatically open to our app in the Play Store.”

Below is an example of the poster that was used.

quantum pro app nfc case study

The Ashdown-Ingram Quantum Pro app is now creeping up to 5,000 downloads and has helped them to promote their online catalogue across their customer base.


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